People's Emergency Center - A suite of linens for families in transition

April 29, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Adwoa Tacheampong manages the intake and residential staff at People's Emergency Center, a shelter for women and children experiencing homelessness.

People's Emergency Center provides a place to stay and work to serve the needs of families to get them into transitional housing and on a path towards a home.

PEC rents their towels, bedsheets, blankets, and washcloths from Wash Cycle Laundry, providing the full suite of linens required for the residents who are staying with them.

They came to Wash Cycle because the service was more eco-friendly and proved to be better deal financially than the previous laundry service.

Wash Cycle visits the PEC on Mondays, when the families bring their linens out and the cyclists drop off a new supply. Initially, some families were not bringing out their dirty laundry and so there was a shortage of clean linen when new ones arrived, but Adwoa says that the staff at Wash Cycle helped them identify the problem and find a solution.

Adwoa works with Wash Cycle's customer support team, along with Director of Business Development Joel Hommes, to ensure that all their laundry needs are met. She says that the "strong communication" with Wash Cycle meant that when residents had issues with linens or there was a billing mishap, the responsive staff at WCL were able to fix the problems quickly and find a system that works.   

Adwoa appreciates that Wash Cycle is convenient and the service works smoothly, allowing her to focus more on the families. Not having to worry about the laundry means more time to meet their needs in other areas, and one less thing to distract from their progress towards housing and well being.

Altogether, Adwoa says that Wash Cycle Laundry, "is efficient, convenient, and they care about the environment."

People's Emergency Center is one of many emergency shelters Wash Cycle Laundry serves through laundry and linen rental in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, PA.Looking to learn more about laundry and linen rental services for your organization? We'd be happy to talk to you more!Request a QuotePeople's Emergency Center is also one of Wash Cycle Laundry's non-profit hiring partners. Learn more about our social impacts and partner with us on creating jobs in your community. Learn about our hiring partners
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