Commercial Laundry Service FAQ

Thanks for signing up with Wash Cycle Laundry.  If you have any questions about how your service works, check out the info below.
Still stuck? Email us at or call 888.611.9274 and we'll get everything squared away.

Who is my first point of contact for my account?

Contact your route manager, who does your deliveries.

Our route managers are more than just the folks who get laundry from Point A to Point B -- they are your account managers and their first job is your satisfaction, and they should be the same people who service your account each day.  For day-to-day issues like appointment rescheduling, any issue with minor quality control, changes to your inventory -- get in touch with your route manager.  Please do leave a voicemail if you don't get through on your first try -- our route managers are often driving or biking, and so can't always immediately pick up the phone. If you're not sure who your route manager is, email or call 888.611.9274.

I can't get a hold of my route manager and have an immediate need. Who should I call?

Call our customer service line, 888.611.9274.

If your route manager is unavailable and you have an immediate need, please call our main customer service line and ask to be transferred to our office manager. We can route your call from there.

My business is expanding and I need to add a location.


Email, or fill out our quote form and we'll get you set up right away.

The amount of rental linens I have isn't fitting my needs. I have too many, or too few.

We are happy to get your rental quantities just right. If you need to increase or decrease your issue of a given item, please ask your Delivery Route Manager. Usually we can make this change for your next scheduled service. The only reason for delay would be if it's a large increase and we need to get more supplies in stock. Note that all changes in quantities are subject to the terms of your rental agreement with Wash Cycle Laundry. We also offer other linen products you may need, so if you want to switch to, say, reusable mop heads or add some branded floor mats for your entryway, we can make that happen. Again, just ask your Delivery Route Manager.

I need to change the time of my pickup.

Contact your Delivery Route Manager. They can make any changes to your schedule. If you need us to come by more often or you're going to be closed one day, these are all easy changes to make.

I'd like to spread the gospel of laundry that makes a difference.

First off, THANK YOU!  There are two ways you can share information about another business you'd like to refer.  Give the information to your Delivery Route Manager on their next pickup, or email

I have a question about an invoice.

Shoot an email over to

I'd like to change my credit card on file.

Send us an email at and we'll call you with next steps to change this information securely.