Laundry and Linen Rental

Wash Cycle Laundry works with businesses from solo bodywork practitioners to Fortune 500 companies to get laundry done reliably, cost effectively, and sustainably. We'll wash items you own, or you can rent ours.  We offer daily service with next-day turnaround in Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC.

Customer-Owned Laundry Pricing


For gym, salons, spas, and other businesses generating up to ~6 home washer loads of  laundry per service.

  • Philadelphia: $1.54/lb, $40 minimum
  • Boston, DC, and Baltimore: $1.65/lb, $52 minimum
  • 1-2-day turnaround
  • All inclusive. 
  • Minimum quantities apply.


For larger gyms, short-term rental managers, and others with over 6 loads (~80 lbs) of laundry per pickup.

  • Philadelphia: $0.92/lb
  • Boston, DC, and Baltimore: $0.98/lb
  • $52 delivery fee
  • 1-2 day turnaround
  • Some additional charges for specialty items (e.g., comforters)


Hotels with daily housekeeping, please visit our Hotel page to request pricing

Linen Rental

We offer a range of towels and sheets for short term rental managers, gyms, universities, and other businesses.  Please request a quote below.

Door-to-Door Service

We'll pick up your dirty items, wash them, and have them back to you the next day.

Easy Linen Rental

In addition to washing sheets, towels, and janitorial supplies that you own, you can rent ours.  Want some help figuring out if linen rental is for you?  See this comparison below.

Reliable Delivery

Our plants are located next door to downtown areas, which makes reliable delivery possible.  We pioneered cargo bike delivery in Philadelphia and Washington DC, which is the fastest, greenest way around town.

Laundry that Makes a Difference

We know that when it comes to laundry, the less you have to think about it, the better.  That said, when you work with us, it's nice to know that you're also creating second chances for vulnerable adults in your city.

Businesses We Serve

Gyms and Fitness Studios

Today's gym-goers are increasingly considering towels as a required amenity. We work with big gyms, personal training studios, group fitness studios, Crossfit boxes, private office gyms, and others to make sure clients get a clean, fluffy towel with every workout, whether through a linen rental program or daily laundering of customer-owned towels.

Salons and Barbershops

You can't cut and style hair without lots of towels!  We work with salons, barbershops, blowout bars, and everything in between to ensure that their stylists always have a towel available for their clients. We can launder your towels or offer rental of a full line of colors, which we recommend if you do a lot of dye/coloring work.

Spas, Bodywork, and Wellness

Spas and bodywork practices present their own special laundering challenges, particularly when oils and fragrances get involved.  Choosing professional laundering can ensure that you get crisp linens that don't build up oil and odor over time, reducing your replacement cost. We work with solo practitioners who send us one load every week and big practices that run dozens of treatments per day.

Airbnb and Short Term Rentals

We service the people who service and manage hundreds of Airbnb or short-term rental units. If you're growing rapidly, we can rent you hotel-quality sheets, or launder items you own if you're going for a particular look. In some areas, we can also provide you with a central location to store your items for your mobile housekeeping teams.

Janitorial Services and Property Managers

If you already run a green cleaning program, you know that microfiber mops and wipers can help your cleaning team work faster and get better results. Unfortunately, you've also become acquainted with the headache of shuttling launderable janitorial supplies back and forth from all your service locations.  We can coordinate pick-ups and drop-offs across your entire footprint.

Your Business or Organization

Do you have unique requirements? Call us an we can make unique arrangements.  We've worked with ships docked in nearby ports, touring groups and production crews, emergency shelters and supportive housing, and more.

Renting Linens versus Purchasing Them

There's usually no wrong way to go -- about half of our customers choose to rent linens and the other half choose to buy. We're happy to service you either way, so let us know what you think makes sense for you.  Here are some of the pros and cons of going with each type of service.

Choose linen rental if...

  • You're looking for items that are pretty standard -- like white sheets and towels, whether entry-level or hotel-quality.
  • You have to replace linens often, either because they tend to walk with your clients or you deal with lots of heavy stains that sometimes don't come out.
  • You're growing quickly and don't want the up-front cost of new inventory. If you have to turnover your towels three times per day to keep your staff supplied, it might be easier to rent instead.

Buy your own linens if...

  • You're looking for a particular look, or your linens are an integral part of your brand (e.g., specific colors or designers)
  • Your linen needs vary widely from week to week. Linen rental contracts are almost always for fixed quantities.  Most of our customers have some seasonal variations in demand, but if you go from feast-to-famine on a weekly basis, you're best served by owning your linen.
  • You want a lower cost of service over the long term, and don't mind re-ordering items and tracking your inventory levels yourself.

Still not sure?

Fill out the quote form above and we can discuss your particular situation and give you a recommendation about which direction seems best for your situation.

Products We Offer

 We regularly launder these products. Choose to send us items you own or rent them from us.


We carry white, no-frills towels you'd expect to find at a Motel 6, luxury plush towels you might buy for yourself at home, and a few grades in between.


We carry basic sheets popular with summer camps and institutional housing, high-performance percale sheets you might find at a full service hotel, and a few grades in between.

Janitorial Supplies

We carry microfiber wipers/rags, mop pads, and loop mop heads.

Floor Mats

We can rent generic or custom-logo entrance mats in a range of sizes.

Next Step

Curious? Get in touch using the form above, call 888.611.9274, or email  We'll analyze your need, prepare an estimate, and answer any questions may have. If you'd like, come for a plant tour, get to know our process, and meet our team.  We're looking forward to talking to you soon!