Meeting Founder and CEO Gabriel Mandujano

March 10, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Gabriel Mandujano, the founder and CEO of Wash Cycle Laundry. It was clear from the moment I met Gabriel that he was a social innovator looking to make an impact in his venture. He had previously worked in the non-profit sector and community development and has applied his experience to Wash Cycle Laundry. Wash Cycle Laundry is a triple bottom line company that is focused on strengthening the community and positively impacting the environment by using effecient washing machines and bicyclyes for transport. Gabriel also touched on his experience in community development. He had spent time in Mexico providing microfinanced loans to families with low incomes. The sense of community that he built for families in Mexico is also apparent in the opportunity that Wash Cycle Laundry provides to formerly incarcerated men and women looking to rejoin the work force. When I asked Gabriel about the mission behind this employment, he said that it was great to be able to offer support to men and women looking to better themselves through employment. So far, Wash Cycle Laundry has delivered over 3 million pounds of cargo on bicycles and is looking to grow through expansion in the DC community. The company currently washes laundry out of micro plants and does not own a single piece of equipment. This allows them to perform their services in the city while remaining close to clients. The next step for Wash Cycle Laundry is to start purchasing equipment and machines in Philadelphia, where the company is based.

All hands are on board the Wash Cycle Laundry operations, including founder Gabriel 

When asked about turning his venture from the ideation phase to an actual reality, Gabriel said it was all about jumping in and getting started. When the company just started out, he was managing all the operations from bicyling around the city picking up laundry to being the face of the company for investors and clients. He gained experience and learned through trial and error about the best way to run the company. Gabriel is excited for the future growth of the company and is confident in Wash Cycle Laundry's ability to strengthen its communities!  
Adrianna Soto-Wright is a Freshman at Georgetown University, where Wash Cycle provides laundry services to students on campus. 
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