Air Clean N Sheen: When a fire leads to better, cleaner things

April 10, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Meet David McDermott. He runs Air Clean n' Sheen, a service tailored for short-term rental hosts.

Air Clean n’ Sheen prepares short-term rentals for their next guests with full cleaning, supply restocking, and laundry and linen service. They operate in Washington DC and Austin, TX - a  two-city partnership with Wash Cycle Laundry that helps David spend more time growing the business and taking care of clients, while WCL gets the laundry done right. Here is what David had to share about the business and his experience with Wash Cycle Laundry...
Air Clean n’ Sheen does a lot of laundry, and that once meant that David spent 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, in the laundromat. When the laundromat he was using burned down, David had to find a backup. He walked into Wash Cycle’s Washington DC facility and the rest is history. Wash Cycle handles everything that a guest needs for their stay: washcloths, bath towels, bath mats, duvet, sheets, kitchen towels: everything that is changed for a new guest, the laundry team at Wash Cycle Laundry can clean for Air Clean n’ Sheen. But, before Wash Cycle came into David’s life he lived in the laundromat, buried beneath “bags and bags and bags” of dirty linen. He says that everyone would laugh at him for carrying around so much laundry every day. But one day, when the laundromat he was using burned down, David tried a new place that happened to be one of Wash Cycle Laundry's locations. There he met a staff member who told him about WCL and how we could help. Spending so much time on laundry was keeping David away from his clients, then a fire at the laundromat shook things up, and out of a tough situation came a good thing when David discovered us! Now that Wash Cycle does all my laundry, I have more time for managing the business. David likes to meet Air BnB hosts in person so that they know they people who will be cleaning and managing their property. The homeowners want to meet the person who will be taking care of their property, so David needed time to meet customers face to face and build trust to grow his business. However, he would spend 5-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, doing laundry! Now, with Wash Cycle Laundry in his life, David has the time to grow his business.

"My favorite thing about Wash Cycle is the fact that they got me out of the laundromat, back to meeting new clients, and maintaining relationships with existing ones." Having those extra hours each day keeps David focused on ways that his business could be more successful!

We'll leave the final word to David. This is how he responded when we asked why other businesses like his should consider Wash Cycle Laundry.

“It's affordable, convenient, thorough, easy, and an extension of my own business.” He sees the same cyclists at pickups and dropoffs, and feels that the work he does and the work that the cycling and laundry team members do all go towards the same goal: helping him run Air Clean n' Sheen smoothly!

David is a firm believer that doing laundry with Wash Cycle Laundry will make people's lives easier, as it has done for him and Air Clean n’ Sheen.     Our chat with Air Clean n' Sheen is one in a series of profiles of the small businesses Wash Cycle Laundry serves through laundry and linen rental in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, PA.Looking to learn more about laundry and linen services for your business? We'd be happy to talk to you more!Request a Quote
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