Hotel laundry production team and towel folder

Try Us Out for Free

We know that the quality of our product will speak much louder than any salesperson could.  Since we're new in town, to say "hello," we'd be happy to do one day's laundry for qualified hotels for free, and without any further obligation on your part.  Whether you're actively searching for a new laundry vendor today or just trying to get to know another laundry option in case you need one in two months or two years, we'd be eager to meet you and handle your laundry for a day.

Trusted Care of Your Linen

We purchased equipment that allows us to wash each hotel's laundry completely separately, and we sized our plants so that every one of our front line staff members recognizes the linens from every one of the clients that they service. 

Reliable Delivery

Every provider says that they'll show up on time, but we built our plants within three miles of central hotel areas, like Philadelphia's Center City and Boston's Logan Airport, so that traffic isn't as much of a factor.

One Day Trial

We want you to be confident before you enter a long term partnership with us, so we offer a 90-day opt out -- no questions asked.

Laundry that Makes a Difference

We know that when it comes to laundry, giving guests a five-start experience and giving your housekeepers the tools for their job come first and second.  When you work with us, it's nice to know that while you're doing that, you're also creating second chances for vulnerable adults in your city.

Our Approach to Hotel Laundry

Hotel laundry delivery

A Friendly Face at Pickup

All of our clients are cared for by a dedicated route manager who performs your pickups and drop-offs -- they'll get to know your staff, your housekeeping schedule, and your storage areas so that you get consistent service. 

Hand-Sorted Linen

Good "soil sorting" is the key to a quality laundry operation, so we hand-sort incoming linen into six classifications -- fitted sheets, flat sheets, pillowcases, topsheets/duvet covers, towels, and specialty items like shower curtains. A lot of mistakes (damaged linen, mixed linen, lost linen, stained linen etc.) can be traced back to errors during the soil sort, so we invest time here.

Hospitality sheets ironing

Separate Batch Washing

Many commercial laundry providers rely on "tunnel washers," which wash laundry quickly but often require several hotels' laundry to be inside the same machine at the same time.  We sized our equipment to efficiently handle one hotel at a time, minimizing the chances for mix-ups.

Environmentally Sustainable

We know your brand takes its sustainability program seriously.  We've installed market-leading sustainability technologies in our plants, including water recycling systems and Xeros washers that reduce water usage by 60%.

Sustainable water recycling system
Spreader feeder for hotel sheets

Ironing Equipment to Match Your Linens

By now, the days of thin white sheets, thermal blankets, and those heavy, colorful bedspreads are a distant memory.  We've updated our ironing and finishing equipment to match, with brand-new Lapauw ironing lines that are equipped to handle today's luxury linen.  Whether your a luxury boutique with high threadcount duvet covers, a Marriott Fairfield that uses those "cumulus" or "bubble" sheets, or a Hampton Inn with those duvet covers with embroidered fronts and synthetic backs -- we have first hand experience making sure your linens come back clean an intact.

Next Step

Curious? Get in touch using the form above, call 888.611.9274, or email We'll analyze your need, prepare an estimate, and answer any questions may have. If you'd like, come for a plant tour, meet our team, and afterwards we'll drop off you and your management team for an expert-led tasting with one of our fantastic neighbors (certain restrictions apply).  We're looking forward to talking to you soon!