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Green laundry detergent and no-perc dry cleaning

Cleaning clothes can be dirty business. We use eco-friendly "free and clear" laundry detergents for all our wash-and-fold, and only non-perc solvents for all our dry cleaning.  Most standard dry cleaners use "PERC" in their dry cleaning process, which the State of California believes to be a carcinogen.

Bike-powered same-day and next-day delivery

Our cargo tricycles and bike trailers come equipped with rods for hanging dry cleaning and enough cargo capacity to service entire nursing homes (which, incidentally, we do!)  Next-day service is standard, and in some cities we can pick-up, clean, and deliver your clothes in the same day.

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Reusable garment bags and hanger recycling

Why get your clothes wrapped in plastic every single time you need to clean them?  We'll give you snazzy, reusable garment bags and laundry bags with your first order.  Want to recycle those wire hangers, too? Just throw them in with your order and we'll make sure they get dozens of more uses before they make it to the landfill.

Book an appointment online for pick-up today or in the future.  Running late or unexpected change of plans?  A few taps and you can re-book your appointment for a more convenient time without penalty. Or, if you'd prefer to talk to a human, call 888.611.9274 to speak to Shaynee or Sandra on our amazing customer care team, available M-F, 7am-8:30pm (Eastern).

"For our money, there's no better -- or greener -- way to clean our clothes.  Our pick for Best Laundry Service" 

eco-friendly laundry detergents and dry cleaning solvents
bicycle delivery - next-day service
real people on customer service

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Dry cleaning and laundry delivery service

Schedule Your Pick-Up
Schedule Your Pick-Up

Wash Cycle Laundry will pick up your dirty laundry and dry cleaning on a bike and bring it back clean tomorrow.

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"In recognition of Wash Cycle Laundry's innovative and sustainable business model..." 

This trike can haul over 300 pounds!

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Home Delivery Service

Nursing homes, clinics, and sub-acute care

Wash Cycle Laundry operates specialized facilities capable of producing hygenically-clean linen for medical and healthcare customers.  We can provide daily service to customers used to weekly deliveries, and regularly win cost-competitive contract awards.

Salons, Spas, Gyms and Studios

Whether you're a solo practioner or a full-scale studio, we'll make sure that you never have to neglect a client or miss a sales opportunity because your front desk staff is in the back folding sheets and towels.

Boutique Hotels and Short-Term Rentals

Homeless Shelters

When every penny counts, why not save on overhead and align your purchasing with your mission?  For countless homeless shelters, we've both saved cash and created job opportunities for their clients.

Whether you're a boutique hotel operator, rent out dorm rooms during conferences, or operate serviced short-term apartments, we can deliver to your entire footprint.

 Commercial Laundry and Linen Rental Services

Take laundry and dry cleaning off your to-do list.

Get your laundry and linens delivered daily at a great price.

Featured Client:

Featured Clients:

Featured Clients:

Featured Clients:

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Entrance Mats and Floor Mats / Rugs

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Janitorial supplies, microfiber mops, etc.

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With clients demanding green cleaning programs, you how have to figure out how to collect and launder dirty microfiber mops and rags from every one of your job sites.  Our cyclists can take the headache out of the logistics, and help you win more business.

Avoid slips and falls while keeping a professional appearance with floor mat rental service. We'll provide the floor mats and swap them out for clean ones every week. Or, purchase a logo mat with your branding and we'll take care of the washing.

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