Clean and Fast Linen Solution for Salons, Barber Shops, and Spas

We're here to help you spend more time with your clients and less time dealing with your laundry and linens. Our all-natural, hypo-allergenic detergents ensure that we provide you with clean, scent-free linens. And since we're delivering on bikes from a facility in your neighborhood, we turn around your laundry in 24 hours or less. Consider freeing up staff time and shelf space with our service!


Which best describes your organization?

  • Rental or Customer Owned Linens. We'll wash the sheets and towels you own or rent you ours, and work together to find the most affordable solution.

Selected Customers

  • Lush Spa
  • Tim's of Philadelphia
  • The Duke Barber
  • South Street Barbers
  • Ursula About Phace
  • Advanced Skin Technology