Meet Steve Prudente
Wash Cyclist Since: October, 2014
Service Area: Philadelphia, north of Vine Street

Best part about his job? Working outside and being physically active. And believe it or not, he does this job while following a plant-based diet. 


In addition to cycling for Wash Cycle Laundry, Steve cooks, explores Philly's vast beer and food scene, plays guitar and sings, hikes, fishes, and even blogs about all of his random experiences! He also contributes heavily to Wash Cycle Laundry's Instagram account and our Blog.


When Steve comes to your business, you can expect to find a smiling, hard-working guy. He's happiest if he can walk in, do your delivery or pick-up, and walk out without an impact on your business (except clean laundry, of course.)


Want to find the way to Steve's heart? He'll happily accept a cup of coffee or a vegan treat.


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