Philip Rosenau and Wash Cycle Laundry

Wash Cycle Laundry offers laundry services for the reusable janitorial supplies offered by Rosenau. Please complete the form to the right with all the details of your client's needs so we can begin service!


Where We Serve

Service Terms

  • Soiled material will be collected by Wash Cycle Laundry, processed, and dropped of the next day.
  • Material will be washed at $1.25/lb, with a minimum for service of $25.00
    • On average, a soiled microfiber rag weighs around .15 pounds. At this rate, approximately 165 rags will get a client to the $25.00 minimum.
  • Microfiber will be processed using all-natural hypoallergenic detergent. No fabric softener or bleach will be used. In the event of heavy soil, a high solvent with no alkaline will be used..
  • Microfiber will be tumbled dry on low or no heat. Microfiber will only be processed with other microfiber.
  • By using our service, The Customer agrees that the items given to Wash Cycle Laundry, Inc. are suitable to be washed in water, on a normal cycle, and dried using low/no heat in a tumble dryer. Wash Cycle Laundry, Inc. cannot be responsible for any damage to items that are not suitable for the above outlined process
  • In the event that damaged microfiber is sent to Wash Cycle Laundry, it will be processed and segregated out on the top of the clean laundry delivery.