Missing a Few Things?

Thanks for getting in touch with Wash Cycle Laundry regarding your missing clothing. We’re extremely sorry that your most recent experience with us has been negative, and we will do our best to locate the items that are missing. The good news is that in most cases, we’re successful at reuniting customers with their clothes.


Here’s what we’ll do next.


    • Missing clothing is a very rare occurrence -- over the past 90 days (as of May 20, 2015), we have received missing item reports from customers in 0.093% of our consumer services, meaning that about 99.907% of our appointments are returned complete. That said, we completely understand that these odds might be of little comfort if it’s your clothes that are missing!


    The good news is that of the customers who report missing items, we’re able resolve the majority of cases by locating the clothes. Clothes don’t disappear into thin air. In our experience, here’s where they do go:

    • One of the washer or dryers we used accidentally wasn’t completely emptied of your clothing at the end of your cycle. Socks, underwear, and smaller pieces of clothing have a tendency to get stuck to the underside of the wash drum during the spin cycle. In this case, one or more of your items was mixed with the next customer’s clothing when we loaded the machine again. The items are with that customer.
    • If more items of your clothing are missing, one of our staff people could have accidentally mislabled one the dryers we used to dry your clothing with another client’s name, or a staff person unloading your dryer accidentally mixed your clothes with those belonging to a customer with a similar name (i.e., Elizabeth P. vs Elizabeth B.) The items are with that customer.
    • If you had multiple bags of clothing, particularly in bags that you provided (i.e., it was your first appointment and you gave us two plastic bags instead of one Wash Cycle Laundry bag), one of your bags might have accidentally been combined with the bags from another customer who also used similar bags. The items are with that customer.
    • If certain items you gave us were heavier than others (e.g., jeans, hoodies, blankets, thick socks, etc.), we could have separated your load in the dryer to give the heavier items extra drying time, but then accidentally left them separate from the rest of your load. The items are in our possession.
    • In a few cases (about 10% of them), our customers may email us back in a few days to tell us that they found the piece of clothing under their bed / tucked inside another piece of clothing / in their suitcase, etc.
    • The bottom line is that your clothing is most likely still in our possession or was accidentally sent to another customer of ours. We just need to figure out where it is!


    • Upon receiving the initial loss report: We will reach out to you to get a full description of each item that you believe is missing, including its type, brand, color, and size -- we call this the “Full Loss Report.” The more information we have about the garments, the more likelihood we’ll have of tracking them down
    • Within 1 business day after we receive the Full Loss Report: we will contact our laundry team in the facility that processed your laundry to see if they have anything in their lost and found. We’ll do this as soon as we are able, but if we received the report in the afternoon or evening, it’s possible that our wash team has gone home for the day, so we have to wait until they arrive the next business day.
    • Within 2 business days after we receive the Full Loss Report: If the items aren’t in our lost and found, we’ll have a supervisor check our production logs and interview the team member who processed your laundry that day to see if he/she has any clues about what could have happened. Again, we’ll do this as soon as we are able, but because not every one of our employees works every day of the week, it may take more than one day to speak with the right person.
    • Within 5 business days after we receive the Full Loss Report: we’ll reach out to customers who we think are likely to have received your items by accident. Depending on the information we gathered, we may be fairly certain where your laundry went, or we may decide it’s best to reach out to all the customers who were processed in the same facility on the same day. Since many of our customers have busy schedules, work at different hours, and sometimes leave town for business or pleasure, it usually takes a few days for us to hear back from everybody we contact -- we’re often playing phone tag.
    • After 5 business days after receiving the Full Loss Report: in the majority of cases, we’ll have found your clothing. But if on the 6th business day after you reported your loss we still have no information and no leads, we’ll move towards a final resolution (see below). In some cases, we’ll have figured out exactly where your laundry is, but won’t have been able to recover it yet (i.e., we’ll have confirmed via telephone that another customer has your clothes, but are still working out a time when we can retrieve them from that customer). In this case, we’ll let you know that we just need a bit more time to get everything back to you.


      • We know that tracking down missing clothing and getting it back to you is, at the very least, inconvenient, and at the most, quite distressing. It’s our practice to offer service credits for the inconvenience. We’ll process any credit as soon as we’ve located your clothing or, at the latest, after 5 business days of receiving the Full Loss Report.


      • Per the Terms and Conditions on our website (which we link to at sign up and on every appointment reminder email), Wash Cycle Laundry does not make cash reimbursement for the replacement value of reported lost items. Since our customers do not provide inventories of the items they submit to us, we do not inventory the items we receive, and we have no way of knowing the age, brand, and other factors required to calculate the value of the items we do receive, there is no party that can definitively document the value of items lost


      • In our early days, we operated on a Nordstrom’s-inspired, honor-system-based refund policy, and that worked for some time. Unfortunately, especially as we grew, a policy that allowed customers to spend $20 on laundry service and then submit a claim for $500 of missing designer clothing attracted bad actors -- such a policy would be like Nordstrom’s offering to provide no-questions-asked cash refunds for defective items (which it does), but not requiring that the customer return the items that were reported defective (which it doesn’t do). Rather that trying to adjudicate the trustworthiness of each loss report we receive, we make it clear in our Terms and Conditions that we do not hold liability for non-inventoried items.

    All that said,

    Email: support@washcyclelaundry.com

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