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We're ready to wash your linens.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions regarding your relationship with Wash Cycle Laundry.


  • Before we get started, make sure you review our Terms and Conditions.
    • If you have questions about these, or your agreement with Wash Cycle Laundry, please contact Joel Hommes, Director of Business Development, at
  • For most everything else, your contact will be your Cycling Route Manager
    • This is the dedicated Wash Cycle Laundry team member who will do your pick-ups and drop-offs.
  • Not sure who your Cycling Route Manager (CRM) is? Check where your business is located:
    • Jake Clark - Philadelphia, West of the Schuylkill
    • Jason Jenigen - Philadelphia, South of Vine Street
    • Steve Prudente - Philadelphia, North of Vine Street
    • Shaun Sheppard - Washington, D.C.
  • Our business is expanding! We need you to add a location for delivery.
    • That's awesome! We're happy to add your new (or changed) location to our route. Again, just ask your Cycling Route Manager. Be sure to share any special delivery instructions and the start date of the new service.
  • The amount of rental linens I have isn't fitting my needs. I have too many, or too few.
    • We are happy to get your rental quantities just right. If you need to increase or decrease your issue of a given item, please ask your Cycling Route Manager. Usually we can make this change for your next scheduled service. The only reason for delay would be if it's a large increase and we need to get more supplies in stock. Note that all changes in quantities are subject to the terms of your rental agreement with Wash Cycle Laundry.We also offer other linen products you may need. So if you want to switch to, say, reusable mop heads or get some sweet branded floor mats for your entryway, we can make that happen. Again, just ask your Cycling Route Manager.
  • I need to change the time of my pick-up or drop-off. What do I do?
    • Call your Cycling Route Manager. He or she can make any changes to your schedule. If you need us to come by more often or you're going to be closed one day, these are all easy changes to make.
  • I'd like to spread the gospel of clean, bicycle-delivered laundry.

    • First off, THANK YOU!
      There are two ways you can share information about another business you'd like to refer.

      • 1. Just give the information to your Cycling Route Manager
      • 2. Complete the form on your Cycling Route Manager's page with the contact info of the referred business.
        (Click here to send someone to Jake, Jason, Steve, or Shaun)
  • I have a question about my invoice.

    • Shoot an email over to
  • Can I change my credit card on file?

    • Sure! Log into your account to update your payment type. Questions or issues? Just call Customer Service at 888.611.9274 and they can help you out.