Wash Cycle Lowers Stress Level for Cat Lover

February 15, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

This month, we’re thanking you for the #BikeLaundryLove. To help us, we're shining the spotlights on our customers by having them share their experiences using Wash Cycle Laundry!

Meet Brett John

Wash Cycle Laundry customer since 2013

Wash Cycle Laundry is also pet-friendly.

Q: What impact does using Wash Cycle Laundry have on your stress level?

I don't have to worry about my laundry and stressing to pick up my dry cleaning before they close on the weekends.

Q: What would you miss the most if you could not use us anymore?

I'd miss not having to think about dry cleaning.

Q: Would you pay more or less if we delivered via unicycle?

Definitely more to see a fleet of unicycles pedaling through Philly!

Q: Are you worried you're missing out on finding your true love at the laundromat

Haha, I think I've already found that!   To share even more love, we're offering 25% off the first service to new customers in February! Simply click the button below and use the code BIKELAUNDRYLOVE at checkout!     You can also share the Bike Laundry Love by posting a selfie with your cyclist on Twitter or  Instagram! Tag @TheWashCyclist and use the hashtag #BikeLaundryLove.
If you're interested in being a featured customer, e-mail Steve at prudente@washcyclelaundry.com.
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