Take Back Your Lunch Hour - Let us Do Your Laundry!

March 30, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Meet Carol Forman.

She owns Raised by Wolves Bodywork, a medically- and sports-trained massage studio in Queen Village in Philadelphia. We sat down to chat with Carol to hear how working with Wash Cycle Laundry has made it easier to run her business. Read on to hear her story and for YOUR chance to reap rewards as well!

"At Raised by Wolves, we pride ourselves on being the 'anti-spa,' so to speak.We don't have a "menu" of services like most spas.  We like to keep it specialized to what we do best.  We are medically & sports-trained massage therapists focused specifically on massage - that's it! "I was doing my own laundry for 14.5 years.Now, Wash Cycle washes our sheets & face cradle covers that we use for our massage tables.  Before that, I would take it home, wash & fold it myself, then bring it back to the studio.  It used to take me 3-4 hours a week because I had to do laundry twice a week. "Now that Wash Cycle does my laundry, I have time to EAT LUNCH!But seriously, I love that I don't have to worry about laundry.  Managing a business is a lot of work, and this allows me to work on more business administrative tasks. "What's my favorite thing about using Wash Cycle Laundry?I love the whole package!  I trust Jason and Wendy is great too.  So informative and communicative.  It saves me time and my laundry is there for me every Wednesday without fail. "Businesses like mine should use Wash Cycle Laundry because... it's affordable, it saves time and allows you to work on your business.  Let's face it - most people don't like to wash & fold towels because it's time-consuming.  You guys have a great service, you're real, normal people and I trust you."
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  Our chat with Carol is one in a series of profiles of the small businesses Wash Cycle Laundry serves through laundry and linen rental in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia, PA.
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