Steve - Cyclist of Philadelphia

September 10, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

“Wash Cycle Laundry allows me to be who I am,” said Steve. I sat there in awe for a moment. I was wondering how many people that I meet could say the same about the companies they work for. Compact and energetic might be the best words to describe Steve, a Cycling Route Manager here in Philly. I briefly met Steve when PHL17 was doing an interview with Wash Cycle Laundry at Thompson Street. He hauled the trailer up and down the road multiple times, looking powerful and speedy. The other day, someone told me that Steve is on a plant-based diet. Curious about how Steve's body holds up hauling laundry around North Philly while being on a plant-based diet, I asked Steve if he would chat with me. “I started the lifestyle called macrobiotics about two years ago,” He says, “I was in the television industry for eight years working as a cameraman and a video editor, but I wasn’t happy and I knew something needed to change.” One of Steve’s friends follows the macrobiotic lifestyle and she introduced Steve to the principles. Basically, macrobiotics encourages more structured, regulated schedule and reconnection with nature. As Steve tried out the macrobiotic lifestyle, he was also looking to transition into a new position. Then, he saw a Wash Cyclist ridding a bike around Philadelphia and joined Wash Cycle Laundry last October. “I think of working for Wash Cycle Laundry as more of a community development,” says Steve. “This job allows me to find balance in life, which is what macrobiotics is all about.” He gets up around 6am for his shift as a cyclist, and tries to eat lunch between 12pm and 1pm, dinner between 6pm and 7pm. His diet also shifts into more grain-based food, and limited amount of diary input.  He also adjusts his diet based on seasonal changes. “How does working for Wash Cycle Laundry fit in your lifestyle?” I asked. “Besides finding balance between me and nature, macrobiotics is also about finding balance and peace within myself. At Wash Cycle Laundry, I get to connect to the biking community in Philadelphia, and I love spreading the positive vibes to our customers on a day to day basis.”
Yue Xiang is a rising junior at Haverford College, a liberal arts college located in suburban Philadelphia. She currently works as a Marketing Intern at Wash Cycle Laundry this summer, where she has been going on "field-trips" to laundry facilites to learn about the staff members and our operational process. She will be writing more about what she learns and people at Wash Cycle Laundry.
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