On-Premise Laundry's positive effects on the bottom line

March 09, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel Mandujano

A recent article in American Laundry News covers the benefits of On Premise Laundry as a solution for long term care facilities. While this article highlights the benefits of the right equipment, it's also important to consider outsourcing staffing and oversight to completely take this aspect of your operations off your plate.  Here are a few highlights from the article:

"While processing laundry is only one aspect of providing quality care to residents, it is one that can have a large impact on the facility as a whole. The ability to provide clean and sanitary bedding, clothing and other garments creates a more comfortable and safe environment for residents, and can also save a facility thousands of dollars annually."

Certainly patient experience is a high priority for managers of long-term care facilities, as it improves relationships with families. Beyond just filling a day with more positive interactions than negative, a good experience will help families refer your facility, effectively marketing your business and driving revenue for you. Who knew that something as simple as clean sheets and towels could have a stsrong impact? There are a number of ways that choosing the right laundry vendor can contribute to the overall patient experience, while saving the time of facility managers. 

The American Laundry News piece goes on to mention how laundry is just one of many moving parts in a long-term care, skilled nursing, or behavioral health facility.

"In addition to managing this complex financial situation, long-term-care facilities must comply with regulatory bodies, such as health departments, to continue to operate. Frequent inspections ensure that all regulations are being met and a high quality of care is being maintained in all facilities.Every part of a long-term-care facility is subject to inspection and must meet certain guidelines; the laundry room is no exception." Preparing for surveys and inspections, and ensuring that medical, maintenance, and food service staff are in compliance is plenty for the jack-of-all-trades facility manager! If just the laundry portion of this compliance can be handled by an outside company, that can help you re-focus your attentions to other areas.  This article also goes on to site savings due to staffing efficiency, decrease in utlility bills, and savings on linen loss through management of an On Premise Laundry. All wins for your facility! Take a look at the other hidden costs of laundry and linen staffing,  which apply for both On Premise Laundry and outsourced linen solutions. Now that you've had a primer on the benefits of upgrading your On-Premise Laundry solution, you can learn more about outsourcing laundry and linen services to a third party. Wash Cycle Laundry provides outsourced and on premise laundry and linen solutions in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC
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