Nursing Home Laundry Regulations for PA and DC

March 11, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel Mandujano

Nursing homes are one of the most tightly regulated industries in the United States. While there are some federal guidelines, states often set the standards for laundry-related regulations.  We've pulled the laundry-specific regulations for the three areas where Wash Cycle Laundry operates: Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington, D.C. PENNSYLVANIANursing Home Laundry Regulations (a) A laundry room shall be provided in a facility where commercial laundry service is not used for the washing of soiled linens. (b)  The entrance and exit to the laundry room shall be located to prevent the transportation of soiled or clean linens through food preparation, food storage or food serving areas. (c)  The facility shall have a separate room for central storage of soiled linens. The room shall be well ventilated, constructed of materials impervious to odors and moisture and easily cleaned. Soiled linens may not be transported through areas where clean linen is stored. (d)  A facility shall provide a separate room or area for central storage of clean linens and linen carts. (e)  Equipment shall be made available and accessible for residents desiring to do their personal laundry. (View source and complete guidelines)
WASHINGTON, D.C.Nursing Home Laundry Regulations 3254.1  An employee of the facility shall be responsible for ensuring that linens are in good condition. 3254.2  There shall be a separate area provided for the reception of all resident laundry, and it shall not be in any area where residents sleep, eat or otherwise frequent. 3254.3  Suitable bags shall be provided for resident linen and laundry. 3254.4  No resident linen shall be sorted, laundered, rinsed, or stored in any bathroom, resident room, kitchen, or food storage area. 3254.5  The linen supply shall be at least three (3) times the amount that is needed for the licensed occupancy. 3254.6  There shall be enough sheets to allow for one (1) bed change per shift for incontinent residents. 3254.7  There shall be enough towels and wash cloths to provide for at least one (1) set each day for each resident with additional sets available to allow for two (2) sets per shift for each incontinent resident. 3254.8  Clean linen and clothing shall be stored in clean, dry, dust-free areas that are easily accessible to each nurse's station. 3254.9  Each laundry facility shall be located in an area that is separate from the resident units and shall be provided with the necessary washing, drying, and ironing equipment. 3254.10  No laundry area shall be used as a passageway. 3254.11  Each dryer shall be vented to the outside and equipped with a removable lint trap. 3254.12  Each piece of electrical equipment shall be grounded in accordance with the 1996 NFPA National Electrical Code. 3254.13  Each piece of laundry shall be handled, processed, stored, and transported in a manner designed to prevent transmission of infection. 3254.14  Soiled linen shall be stored in a separate well-ventilated area and shall not be permitted to accumulate in the facility. 3254.15  Contaminated laundry shall be placed in double, specially colored bags and processed separately. 3254.16  Each laundered article shall be free of dirt, irritating chemical residue, and pathogenic organisms. 3254.17  Laundered articles shall be transported in enclosed, linen hampers with removable liners, in enclosed carts or dollies, or securely wrapped. 3254.18  If a facility launders a resident's personal clothing, the personal clothing shall be returned to them in an appropriate manner and condition. 3254.19  Each facility shall develop written policies and procedures relating to the operation of the laundry and linen management, and they shall be available in each laundry area. 3254.20  To effectively disinfect soiled linens, hot water temperature shall be one hundred and fifty degrees (150 ) to one hundred sixty degrees Fahrenheit (160 F) during the wash cycle. (View source and complete guidelines)Want assistant navigating these regulations and implementing them in your facility? Consider speaking with an laundry and linen company who can take on these responsibilities for you Wash Cycle Laundry provides outsourced and on premise laundry and linen solutions in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC
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