"I Love Helping People" - Meet Wendy, Employee of the Month

April 04, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Each month, we'll be rewarding one of our employees for exceptional performance and we will share their inspiring stories with all of you!  Last month's winner is Customer Care Agent Wendy Craig.

Wendy Craig Employee of the Month, March 2016Wash Cycle Laundry Employee Since August 2015

What is your job and what do you do? I'm a Customer Care Agent. I help to manage Wash Cycle's scheduling & billing, keep the appointment roster maintained, and I'm an error fixer-upper! Why do you love your job? I like helping customers wash their laundry cares away, dry their tears of frustrations and fold their lives into sustainable & affordable joy... What was your job situation before Wash Cycle Laundry, and how has working here made your life better? Well, In my last situation, I helped provide Veterans with furniture and clothing. Wash Cycle made my life better by paying me more to do what I love: helping people! Tell us your favorite Wash Cycle story or achievement. Collecting on delinquent accounts.  I made them an offer they couldn't refuse! What do you do when you're not working?What's the biggest thing you want our customers to know about you? My emails and phone calls are not "Customer Service Rhetoric."  They're sincere.   For her efforts, Wendy was rewarded with a gift card to a restaurant of her choice, and she gets to display our bright, shiny Employee of the Month trophy in her office for the entire month of April!   STAY CONNECTED to our blog for more inspiring stories from our employees, and FOLLOW the Adventures of the #TravelingTrophy on our social accounts.   Learn more about our social impact
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