Laundry is Art --- College Edition

September 04, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Well, college is not easy: first time living away from home, a lot of things that were done by MOM are now the responsibilities of our own. Before college, I never read the wash instructions on my clothes. Besides realizing that I need to separate my clothes, I also learn that some clothings should not be dried in high heat, and some need to be hung dry, and some items need to be washed inside out.  As I am coming into my junior year and my professional wardrobe grows, dry cleaning is now officially on the agenda. Wash Cycle Laundry provides student laundry plans to help make college life easier, but there are some tips before you put your clothes in your Wash Cycle Laundry bags:

  • Do read the wash instructions.

    Wash Cycle Laundry does a standard wash and fold process. In other words, we wash you clothes in warm water, and dry them on regular heat. This process gets clothes as clean as possible. Be careful and see if items can be washed in water. Don't put your Dry Clean Only sweaters in the bag.

  • Do wash your jeans or shirts with printed text/image on inside out

    To prevent jeans from rubbing each other causing the loss in color and the text/image from fading away after two washes.

  • Do check your pockets

    Just in case you leave gum, a pen, a pencil, or anything that can potentially damage your clothes in your pockets. Our Laundry Team has a lot of laundry to do every day, so unfortunately we won’t have time to check your pockets to make sure nothing is left in them.

  • Do un-button shirts before you toss them in the laundry bag

    The washers are not kind to buttons and button holes, so leaving them buttoned up can lead to premature poppage. You probably don't want that, unless you want to #showoff.

  • Do zip your pants up all the way before putting them in the laundry bag 

    The metal teeth can easily tear other items in the washing process.

  • Don’t put your delicate items in the laundry bag

    Delicate items like linen, wool and silk are not really meant to be washed in a machine. Most of them need to be either hand-washed or dry cleaned. Wash Cycle does provide Dry Cleaning service; however, there is additional charge if you want your items dry cleaned.

When in doubt, call 888.611.WASH

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