I'm Not Just an Employee, I'm Also a Customer!

September 29, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

My name is Steve, and I've been working for Wash Cycle Laundry for nearly two years.  In that time, I've worked as both a cyclist and marketing coordinator, and have even helped out in laundry a few times.  Basically, I know a great deal about what we do here. But, one thing I didn't know until this week was exactly what it felt like to be a customer using our service.  I had some large items and dry cleaning that I couldn't wash at my house, so I figured why not give our service a try? I went to www.washcyclelaundry.com, set up my account and scheduled my appointment, which was very simple - just like filling in any form.  I was then redirected to the dashboard:   Having never seen this before, I found out it was pretty handy.  You can update your address whenever you want, add a note for your delivery cyclist to make sure they can find your house, change your delivery schedule and more, all online.  I know most of us expect this kind of flexibility to be available for all types of services these days, but I've had a few outliers that don't offer this sort of member transparency, so it's nice to know that's there.

Next, I received a text message reminder to let me know when my cyclist would be arriving.  And indeed, my cyclist arrived on time:

As for the pickup preparation, I did take one step out of the equation by bringing my own bags home from the office one day.  Ordinarily, a new customer would give us their laundry in whatever bag they have available, which we would return and replace with our reusable bags.  Yellow is for standard wash & fold, blue is for dry cleaning: Cats cost extra.  Just kidding. I love pictures and putting faces to names, so when my cyclist arrived, I forced him to take a selfie.  Say hello to Rob, who is none too thrilled with my timing on this snapshot.  Thanks for being a good sport: Rob took my bags and rode off, and with that, I went about the rest of my Tuesday evening.  24-hour turnaround is standard, but I was busy on Wednesday, so I changed my dropoff time to Thursday morning.  The night before, I received another reminder message: And once again, my cyclist was on time!  I was getting ready to leave for work, so I didn't have time to snag a selfie, but I'd like to say thanks to Teal for braving the less-than-ideal weather to get my items back to me on schedule.  I'll be attending the Bicycle Coalition Gala this evening, so having a clean, pressed suit was essential.  It's also going to be nice starting off the cooler fall weather with a clean comforter: My comforter and sleeping bag are always a challenge to wash because they don't fit in my washer and dryer.  It's about 10 blocks to the nearest laundromat, and even further to an organic dry cleaner.  Carrying all of this or getting in my car would just be annoying.  With Wash Cycle, it was as simple as entering some info on a computer and being at my house at the appropriate time.  No fuss, no muss.    
In addition to writing for the Wash Cycle Laundry blog, you can find Steve regularly Wash Cycling to commercial clients in our North Philadelphia region.
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