A Masseuse Finds a Sheet Solution

February 08, 2016 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

This month, we’re thanking you for the #BikeLaundryLove. To help us, we're shining the spotlights on our customers by having them share their experiences using Wash Cycle Laundry!

Meet Dayna Peck

Wash Cycle Laundry customer since 2014

Wash Cyclist Rob Wickline picks up Dayna's laundry with a smile!  

Q: What impact has using WCL had on you and your business?

A: As a massage therapist, I couldn't operate without clean sheets, and this service makes it easy to write off an expense. It takes one thing off my plate.

Q: How much time per week does WCL save you and your business?

A: 2‐3 hours

Q: How would you describe us to a friend?

A: This is a great solution for a need in the city. It's affordable, fast and environmentally friendly. To share even more love, we're offering 25% off the first service to new customers in February! Simply click the button below and use the code BIKELAUNDRYLOVE at checkout! You can also share the Bike Laundry Love by posting a selfie with your cyclist on Twitter or  Instagram! Tag @TheWashCyclist
If you're interested in being a featured customer, e-mail Steve at prudente@washcyclelaundry.com.
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