6 New Uses for the Washer and Dryer Space in Your Medical Facility

March 05, 2015 7:39 AM Comment(s) By Gabriel

Do you have washer and dryers taking up space in your facility? Consider outsourcing the laundry and linen for your nursing home, skilled nursing facility, or health clinic and reclaim that valuable real estate with one of these ideas. 1. More Beds The quickest way to increase your potential revenue is to add more beds to your facility. By taking out your laundry equipment, you can add capacity for patients without costly renovations. 2. New Equipment Why send your patients out of your building for treatment or tests? With added space in your facility, and money saved by outsourcing your laundry operation, you can invest in the latest technology. 3. Therapy SpaceGive your occupational therapists and physical therapists additional space to work with patients. Families and residents will appreciate the focus on improving health and mobility. 4. Relaxation RetreatTurn the dark space that housed your washers and dryers into a quiet relaxing space. Good for the mental health of both residents AND staff, no one will argue when you install some soft lighting, comfortable chairs, and turn on relaxing sounds.5. Storage AreaPerhaps not the most glamorous of options, but storage is always at a premium in medical facilities. Use newfound space for organizing medical supplies or all the clean linens you'll receive from your outsourced company.6. Game RoomDon't let start-ups have all the fun! The staff of your skilled nursing facility or behavioral health clinic will relish this unstructured time at the job.
Are you ready to reclaim the washer and dryer space in your medical facility for something better? Space efficiency is just the start of the benefits to outsourcing your laundry and linen needs. Wash Cycle Laundry provides outsourced and on premise laundry and linen solutions in Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC.
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